Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Salt 2013

Salt 2013 was a blessing just like it was every other year. It is a great way for students to spend their New Years holiday learning more about The Lord and experiencing him in a new way. Two girls in my small group went and they had a great time. I asked one of them, Hannah to share from one of the sessions she attended: 

"At SALT I went to a session called The Wonders of the Wilderness. In this session, one of the things I learned is that true devotion to God should affect every aspect of my life. I started thinking about my grades. During my three semesters in college, I made okay grades but knew I could’ve done so much better. I was not honoring God with my grades because I was not trying my hardest. After this session, I knew that in order to be wholly devoted to God I needed to raise my grades. This was especially hard for me because I originally never wanted to go to college and still do not know what my major should be. Even though I don’t know what I’m doing, God does. He has a reason behind college that I can’t imagine."

This Salt was different for me as a staff member because it was the first year UTSA's Chi Alpha was in charge of child care. Over 75 children attended and I had a blast not only getting to know them, but getting to know fellow missionaries through their children. It was a humble reminder that children of missionaries also need to be ministered to. It was quite an honor to serve them!

UTSA was also in charge of a game called Enter the Dragon. Every year at Salt we have a big event at the end of the opening night to get the students pumped up. The past few years we have played a variation of capture the flag, except we take it to a whole other level!  Enter the Dragon was chaotic, terrifying, hilarious, and a ton of fun! 

All in all I would say that Salt 2013 was a huge success. The Lord showed up in many ways and I can't wait to see what he does in 2014!

Jacob Trimm testing out a "dragon" we made for the games 
Prepping for the game
Bows used by groups of archers in the game
One of our staff members daughters testing out the equipment we used for child care
Mounds of snacks to be used in goodie bags given out during the games
View of downtown Dallas from my hotel room
Dragons used during the game that sprayed fire aka silly string at participants as they were playing
Awesome Enter the Dragon sign made by Shin Yogo
Joseph Magallanes and myself as Samurai warriors.  We could get players  out by tapping them with our swords (foam noodles ;)
Campus pastors acting as archers. Their role was to get players out by shooting them with foam arrows. 
One of our students giving his testimony during our campus breakout time. This has always been a wonderful time for students to share what God has been doing in their hearts throughout the weekend. 

Thanks for reading...whoever you may be! May God continue to bless you in your life and mission!

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