Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just because...

One year for Christmas I got a Fischer Price cassette tape player with a microphone so I could record my voice on cassette. Whaaaat?! Coolest present ever, right?

Except here's the thing....

I was thirteen.

The gift was from an aunt who rarely saw me and apparently didn't add the years up right. She was pretty embarrassed when she gave it to me, but...my siblings and I loved that cassette player! Yes, my eleven year old sister, eighteen year old brother, and I used it all the time. We used it to record trippy music my brother was writing or to sing hilarious songs. We loved using it to make feedback. I think that was when my brother was going through his Jimi Hendrix phase.  That cheap piece of plastic ended up being a ton of fun.

Because of that lovely present I now have a great appreciation for toy instruments so this video and others like it have absolutely warmed my heart. Hope you have fun watching!

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