Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You are everything good. You are everything beautiful.

Every Sunday night at Resource (small group for small group leaders) a group of about twelve girls meet to talk, pray, and laugh about what's been going on in small group and our lives in general. This past Sunday night was no exception. Johnny and Amy, our campus pastor and his wife, just moved into a new house so we were all excited to have Resource there for the first time.

While we were still hanging out, Haven, Johnny and Amy's two year old daughter, came in wanting to dance for us. We were prepared to watch Haven in all of her cuteness (if that's even a word...) when she got a sudden case of stage fright. She asked us all to dance with her so...we danced with her!

As we all held hands and danced around in a circle I kept glancing at Haven's face and the word that kept coming to me was joy. None of us cared how silly we looked or about the fact that the guy's Resource was meeting in the garage and could come through the door at any moment! We just wanted to make a little girl smile while dancing to her favorite song:

That evening was yet another reminder to be thankful in the small things. Also, that it's fun to dance like a little girl every once in a while!

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