Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have certainly done a great job in neglecting this blog. Mostly because life has been busy in the most incredible way. A real update is due soon but in the meantime, because I like lists, here is a recap of what's been going on the last few months:

My mom retired!
My brother got engaged!
Spring Break mission trip
I turned 28 on March 28th! Apparently this is called your golden birthday. Who knew? Not me apparently.
Went camping at E-Rock and successfully led a group of freaked out girls through a cave
Met an amazing missionary named Chris who served in the Ukrane for 8 years
Hung out with the always inspiring Anita Koeshall (missionary to Germany)
Attended District Council and learned a bit about how the AG church works
Went to a support raising training in Huntsville and was super encouraged by what I learned!
Filmed my first ever video for film fest which you can see right here!


 Here's some pictures from film festival!
Some of my small group!

Us and Craig Richey's small group, who we collaborated on the video with

My wonderful, crazy roommates!

 Till next time...

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