Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo shoot: Mackenzie

Talk about the most fun i've had taking pictures in a long time! I occasionally babysit for my friend Leah, who not only has three wonderful (and I do mean WONDERFUL) kids, but is also an amazing photographer. When she found out that I did photography for (mostly) fun she insisted that we shoot together sometime. It took us months to pick a day but we finally did!

My roommate Mackenzie came along as our model but also took a few pictures of me so she could get in on the fun. Leah taught both of us so much in such a short amount of time. She also let us use some of her camera lenses which may have been a bad idea considering that the two of us now want to own said lenses. Hey mom, you're the only one who reads this blog right? You might wanna go check my amazon wishlist....

Anyway, enough type. Lets get to the pictures!

For mostly sticking behind the camera, I have to say that Mackenzie did a pretty good job as a model!

Be sure to check out Leah's website if you're interested in some portraits!

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